Working out how to profit from sunshine

The potential for greater use of the sun's energy as it hits the earth is clearly there, and the time to put it in place is NOW - whilst we still have the easy production capability that oil and its derivatives makes possible.

I actually don't believe in the perpetual growth model of human happiness (via consumption).

According to climate change predictions, the prospect of every single person on earth running a car will not produce prosperity but impossible living conditions for the majority.

Companies like BP should stop bullshitting us with straplines like 'Beyond Petroleum' if the best they can come up with is a few wind and wave projects. £10 billion profits in 2005 should buy a lot of scientific brain power! The probable answer is that they just haven't worked out how to do what needs to be done with the same level of profitablilty.

Ends | 26 May 2006 | The Leg

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Graph: The cost of solar has fallen dramatically. From $76/watt in 1977 to $0.74/watt in 2013 thanks to mass production of panels in China.

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