The members of Ablemesh (Sean Walmsley, Gordon Glass, Wig Worland, Andy Allum, Sujay Jayaram, Jon Poole, Bob Leith, Mike Turbutt, Mark Turner, Allan Thompson to mention just a few) have always been united in the idea that the song is king - that you don’t have to be a virtuoso to inject soul into your music - that being creative is more important than being recognised and that real gems stand outside of the day’s fashion and last forever.

The sounds to be made available through this site pay testament to the band’s ability to come up with great pop tunes. In the perfect pop tradition, most Ablemesh songs are under 3 minutes in length with lyrical content and production which reveals more on each listen.

The band has always valued independence and looked for novel ways to reach its audience. The 1992 ‘Shareware CD’ release only ever had 3 CD copies in distribution. Well before the advent of napster or home CD recording, ‘Shareware’ took the concept of shareware computer software and applied the same philosophy to music distribution. At a time when record companies were charging premium prices for CDs, recipients of ‘Shareware’ were simply invited to copy the music onto cassette free of charge and to pass it on. The exact whereabouts of these 3 CDs is not currently known (the originals were gold), but they continue to journey and to magically find their way onto the airwaves. One of the tunes on the CD was recently heard on the radio by a friend of the band as he was driving through Yorkshire.

The attitude of Ablemesh is alive in the spirit of all those artists who continue to believe in creativity without compromise. Ablemesh has always been about a group of multi-talented people coming together to be a creative force greater than the sum of their parts. Wig made the grain in his photos talk volumes, Sean created remarkable imagery with his lyrics and tunes, Jon produced possibly the most impressive long player in 4-track history. Gordon wrote releases which are a commentary on the state of the music industry. The skills are complementary but at the root of the each individual's success you'll find the drive and ingenuity of a group of young men determined to become legends in their time...



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