Ablemesh founder member announces Christmas Armistice

Founder member of Ablemesh, Gordon Glass, has announced the release of a new album 'Christmas Armistice'.

Unusually, the song titles are made up entirely of numbers.

Christmas Armistice follows a long period in which Glass wrote no music at all.

"From the invasion of Iraq I didn't write a song for 10 years. I wrote articles and did videos instead."

Some of these articles or 'thoughts' turned out to be really popular. A 'Before and After' commentary on the Bush years picked up 5000 views in two days thanks to sharing on StumbleUpon. Suddenly, Glass says, it seemed like "There was a real hunger for a fresh reading of current affairs."

The shock of 911 and the 24 hour PR offensive from the Pentagon around Iraq, explains Glass, created a climate of fear and misinformation which forced truth to the margins. Anyone who had taken the trouble to catalogue what was going on and could still see the wood for the trees was in with a chance of finding an online audience.

"People were actively searching for answers they weren't finding through the mainstream media."

Of the new album Christmas Armistice, Glass says the choice of numbers reflects this 10 year period of intense media watching reissued as thoughts at Song notes are provided with the album.

So starts another chapter.

Ends | 26 July 2014