Your stink, pong, whiffy, fresh in a jiffy!

Is bad body odor bugging you? How come? I mean, your clothes are fresh on today. You use soap. You shower twice a day. You don’t sweat excessively. You don’t smoke. You’ve not been chewing garlic. You’re not a secret whisky drinker. You wash your sheets. Your towel is clean.

Yet, you get up for a dance - the stink follows. You wash - the stink clings. You smother it - the stink creeps back. What's worse you don't know exactly where it's coming from.

First, let's get this in perspective...

We are not alone
Google reports 1,830,000 individuals using the search term ‘stink‘ every month. That’s a lot of stink, pong and whiff! None of us are exempt from stink. No, not even:

• cat walk beauties
• sex icons
• athletes
• famous actors
• perfect first loves
• the stinking rich

All of us, without exception, produce knock-out bad smells.

We’re human! We host bacteria. We fart. We shit. We get infections. We copulate. We die. In short, we stink! And the products we use to mask these natural odors - perfume and air fresheners - stink too.

Stink really is universal.

Would an odorless world be half as much fun? No, our unique smells can lead to all sorts of amusement. You’ve heard of pheromones right? And you know her royal majesty lets one rip on average 14 times a day - just like the rest of us.

Stink is a great leveller.

Persistent Stink
That said, in a close environment, body odor can stop being funny. The last thing we need is a persistent acrid stink from our armpits, feet, vagina, penis, mouth, ears or arse.

So what do we need to know?

The causes of body odor
Basically body odor is all about waste disposal. Bacteria are our friends in this respect. Like a billion mini-me’s they merrily munch and trump their way through life, dealing with our undigested food, dead skin and excess sebum. All this partying and letting off steam culminates in that regular explosive evacuation of gas - typically from your arse!

Don’t you just love nature! So humbling.

How to get rid of body odor
But seriously, what can we do to get rid of body odor. Can't we just help it to go harmlessly go on its way?

Here are a few simple ideas:

1. Ventilate: Open the window. Unventilated spaces soon stink
2. Loosen up: Wear loose 100% cotton that breathes. Bacteria love clammy conditions
3. Focus on hot spots: Focus your body wash on hot spots (armpits, feet, groin). Places which don't get much fresh air attract bacteria. And stink evaporates fastest from hot spots.
4. Be gentle: Avoid heavily scented products and any that dry out, sting, numb and irritate your skin. Sometimes bacteria is trapped under the skin so washing won't clear it.
5. Work from the inside: Eat plenty of greens. Drink plenty of water. Relax. Get some sun.

Natural Treatments for BO
There are some great natural products out there that can help control body odor. Good examples include:

• green tea (good for bad breath)
• natural crystal deodorant (works magic on armpits and backs)
• aloe vera (a great healing agent)
• tea tree oil (a very helpful bug controller)
• liquid chlorophyll (better still, boost your intake of greens)

Smelly Scalp
If it's your head that smells, you might want to try a natural solution for smelly hair/head. The use of vinegar has a scientific basis. It is acidic and so gives temporary boost to the ‘acid mantle‘ that protects the skin.

I've tried everything and nothing works
If you've tried everything and the bad smell persists it may be time to look at the big picture of your general health, diet and exercise regime. Infections can kick up a real stink and if you have one you may have to do a bit of work to get to the bottom of it. A fresh perspective to help you get to the root cause of the problem may well help.

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