Letter to Mark Lancaster, MP

Dear Mark,

I was very interested to read in this week's Citizen that you are to serve in Afghanistan for six weeks over the summer recess. I very much hope that you will remain safe and find your time there productive.

As Simon Jenkins of The Guardian comments, official policy on Afghanistan appears to have changed direction with the wind, leaving the public understandably confused.

As my MP, I hope that you can undo the muddle.

Firstly, when we talk of our troops being involved in 'rebuilding projects', are we talking about projects designed to address the most urgent needs of the civilian population? What range of projects are we involved in? Is there a list somewhere?

Secondly, could you give me some idea of the standard of living available to Afghans? I am mystified that the Afghan economy appears to derive so little benefit from supplying the international trade in heroin. The profits to be made from this are clearly staggering.

Thirdly, given that nearly all heroin now flowing into the UK is sourced in Afghanistan; with respect to the control of drug production and trafficking, what useful purpose do you believe our troops are serving in Afghanistan?

I do hope that you do not take offence to my line of questioning. I sincerely hope that you and your fellow travellers will come to no harm whilst in this troubled country.

I look forward to hearing from you on your return,

All Best Wishes,etc

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