Galloway and Respect

Galloway beat the Telegraph newspaper in court, he squared with a US senate committee and exposed them as dunces*, and this morning I heard him calling Blair and Brown the two cheeks of the same arse. In short the man is CHAMPION!

As for RESPECT. I didn't vote last week, but I'm glad someone did vote for them, as it turns out that they have policies with which most UK citizens earning less than £20,000 per year could agree.

- minimum wage to be raised to £8 per hour
- universal childcare in publicly funded nurseries for the full working day
- investment in apprenticeships with jobs on completion
- abolition of the council tax and its replacement with a progressive local income tax
- a radical reduction in class sizes in schools
- free after school clubs and play centres
- abolition of tuition fees and student loans
- education free at point of use (from pre-school to FE)
- a big increase in funding for the arts and school sporting faciilities
- increased public investment to make homes energy efficient
- restoration of the link between the state pension and average earnings
- free transport, heating, lighting, water and electricity for all those aged sixty or over
- abolish VAT as an indirect tax and replace it with increased direct taxation
- raise the top rate of income tax
- a big increase in corporation tax, with an additional tax on the super-profits of oil companies and banks
- a crack down on tax evasion by big companies and action against offshore tax havens
- a fully proportional voting system, giving representation directly equal to votes received

I could go on. Thank goodness for difference...

Ends | 6 May 2006 | The Leg

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* Full uncut 48 min version here. Key speach below.

Galloway wins Bradford West from Labour with 10,000 majority


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