During foot and mouth, we counted the corpses

For many years now the citizens of Iraq have been required to to accept persecution by Saddam's secret police, punishing UN sanctions or domination by foreign US/UK troops. Now the dehumanisation of Iraq's resistance is complete.

There can't be many villages where the locals' vision of liberation is to be surrounded by a 10 kilometre long fence 8 foot tall. This, however, is what the United States Department of Defense wants us to believe is the case in the village of Siniyah. Read the press release. A concentration camp may spring to mind, or the treatment of cattle during an outbreak of foot and mouth disease - first the containment of all movements.

Put simply, the military have decided to treat the growing resistance in Iraq like an epidemic. The movement of individuals is restricted by building barriers around 'hot spots' - barriers through which the 'virus' can not spread. This might be six feet wide ditches or high fences. Large numbers will be slaughtered since the El Salvador option (ie.death squads) has been prescribed.

The method for dealing with opposition in Iraq is clear. We dehumanise it. We eradicate it. We don't even keep count of the corpses. This is the 'liberty' we are bestowing on Iraq - Empire's liberty to do as we please.

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