9/11: nobody dares go there - the extra journalistic mile

Our reality is being made and shaped as we sleepwalk, ruminate, debate semantics...

Consider some recent examples:

A quietly spoken guy holed up in Afghanistan hatches a plan to successfully outwit and disable the USA's intelligence services, its FBI, satellites, phone taps, air traffic control, standard emergency procedures, fighter jets, rapid reaction forces, military. Invisible to the above, hijackers fly airliners into city centre landmarks as the President patiently waits for the end of a children's story.

The two most prestigious skyscrapers in the USA demonstrate their design metal by effortlessly absorbing the spectacular impact of two commercial aircrafts. Seared but apparently not shaken, the towers belch smoke as fire takes hold. Fortunately the flames aren't exactly visible so may be it's not so bad inside. Within a couple of hours (well actually around 45 minutes in one case) the towers collapse. Steel girders, so big that they dwarf mere humans, give way. Hundreds of tons of concrete descend in a puff of smoke. 4"thick plates of steel prove as yielding as a crouton crushed underfoot. Probably the lightweight aircraft construction ripped through this on impact? Probably the heat from the burning office furniture reduced it to goo?

This would explain an eyewitness' suprise at finding pools of molten metal at ground zero. It would also explain why, days later, machinery was dragging mansize chunks of still red hot metal from the base of the tower.

Thus, accepting the official version of events, the two jewels in the crown of US real estate turned out to be the two most feebly constructed steel frame constructions in living memory. Worldwide, builders and fire crews scratch their heads trying to remember the last time fire brought down a steel frame building.

And nobody dares go there. The extra journalistic mile. The horror is too much. The risk too high. The sacrifice too great.

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