Ablemesh offer £1000 for a YouTube hit

Ablemesh’s debut long player, Present Imperfect, receives its long awaited official release on 31st March 2007 - more than 11 years after it was recorded.

To celebrate the belated release, Ablemesh will reward, with 1000 pounds cash, the individual who best succeeds in turning one of the album's songs into a YouTube phenomena.

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Singer, Gordon Glass, commented: “It feels great to be able to offer an incentive for people to rise to a creative challenge like this. By leaving the judging to YouTube users rather than a panel of old farts from the music industry, I'm confident we'll end up with some surprisingly good results......"

The video contributor whose creation has been most highly rated by YouTube visitors by midday on 30th June (UK time) will be invited to claim the £1000.

Ends | Sat 17 Feb 2007


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More info on the challenge:

The video challenge | Terms | About Ablemesh

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The video challenge

The challenge is to make a video using an Ablemesh album track as your soundtrack, upload it to and get other people to rate it. The maker of the Ablemesh video which attracts the most positive attention (highest number of ratings and 4 stars or more) by midday, UK time, on 30th June 2007, gets the reward. At the time of writing (17 Feb 07) there are no Ablemesh videos on YouTube. The odds of walking away with the £1000 are, therefore, extraordinarily good.

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Terms and conditions

REWARD? The reward is 1000 pounds sterling (UK money)

FOR WHO? The reward will be offered to the maker of the Ablemesh video on which, at midday on 30th June 2007, has been most enthusiastically and positively rated by visitors to the site.

WHAT TO WORK AT? Participants will be judged by their work's success in attracting:

- ‘ratings’ (the higher the better)
- ‘stars’ (the higher the better, 4 or more preferred)

Note: A video that has been rated as a 5 star, but only by one or two people, will be judged less successful than a video with 50 ratings and 4 stars. Friends can support your video by rating it.

ELIGIBIILITY? Your video must use a song from the Present Imperfect album as its soundtrack to be eligible.

PURCHASE? No purchase is necessary. 3 album tracks are free to download at on the 'music' page. See the same page for a preview of all the tracks on the album. If you want to use a different track for your video contact us with the name of the track and we'll send you a link where you can download it free.

IMAGES? Images used in your video must be images you have shot or created yourself or obtained necessary permissions to use. Downloaded imagery from may also be freely used.

WHAT TO CALL YOUR VIDEO? Each video must be uploaded to and given a title, using the following formula:

Ablemesh - <name of the song >. Video by <your User Name>
eg. Ablemesh - Little. Video by TinTin56

Only entries uploaded using this formula will be considered to be competing for the cash reward.

PAYMENT OF THE REWARD? Ablemesh will endeavour to make the transfer of the reward to the most successful videomaker without delay after 30th June. Should the videomaker be resident outside the UK, Ablemesh will transfer the equivalent of £1000 in the winner’s own currency to a Western Union outlet from which it can be collected. In the case where a group of people have been involved in the production of the most popular video, only the nominated spokesperson for the group (ie. the person whose YouTube account is used for uploading the file) will be sent payment.

DEAD HEAT? In the unlikely event of a dead heat between entries at midday on 30th June 2007 (ie. Same number of ‘ratings’ and same high number of ‘stars’), the prize will be divided equally between the highest scorers.

WHO WON? Details of who receives the reward will be confirmed on the home and news pages at once the reward has been formally accepted. A screen shot of YouTube, showing the most highly rated Ablemesh video at midday on 30th June 2007, will be posted at for information.

YOUTUBE TERMS OF USE? Participants are reminded that, for your video to be secure on YouTube, you must satisfy YouTube’s terms of use.

FUTURE OPPORTUNITIES? Though not essential for entering the competition, video makers are encouraged to keep a higher quality archive version of their video until at least the end of July 2007.

LIMITS OF RESPONSIBILITY? Ablemesh accept no financial responsibility whatsoever for any loss or litigation that might result from this offer. The offer is £1000 to the maker of the Ablemesh video on which, at midday (UK time) on 30th June 2007, has been most enthusiastically and positively rated by visitors to the site.

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About Ablemesh

* Ablemesh were once described as ‘aural terrorists’ by the NME when a couple of fans hijacked the local airwaves to make an unscheduled broadcast the bands Shareware CD.

* The band pre-empted today’s preference for file sharing in 1992, when they released ‘Shareware’ - the first copy it and pass it on ‘chain letter’ music CD release.

* Ablemesh were amongst the first bands to engage in product placement. They did this by leaving blank cassettes of their latest release in non-participating stores telling customers where they could buy a copy.

* Present Imperfect was recorded entirely on an analogue cassette 4-track machine by Jon Poole during summer 1995. It has been remastered by Denis Blackman.

* Photos and downloadable 'prints' of Ablemesh are available here. For further comment please contact us.

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